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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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angry, many both. >> they are attacking everybody so everybody is offended. >> reporter: earlier this week, a private instagram account started by at least one berkeley high student came to light. the account was called, i hate jews. students say posts were anti- semitic, racist, homophobic and derogatory towards those with disabilities and the post contained hate-field memes. the account has been shut down -- hate-filled memes. the account has been shut down. >> it hurt people a lot. >> my initial reaction was, like, are they aware of -- of the harm that's done by this online behavior? >> reporter: do you think they are? >> um, actually no. i -- i don't think they quite understand. >> reporter: in an email to parents, the superintendent said he was appalled, quote, i had a meeting with student leaders this week to partner with them in creating a series of courageous conversations and actions that lead to real change. berkeley's mayor says the
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revelations come just after students seemed united in supporting daca. >> we're in an environment now where, you know, people feel emboldened to say racist things and i trust the district will look into this and to hold people responsible. >> reporter: district officials wouldn't confirm whether any students had been suspended or disciplined. but the word on campus is there have been suspensions. one student says he knows the person who started the racist account. >> i think he was just joking. i think -- i mean, a lot of people do that. they post edgy memes on the internet. >> it wasn't a joke. >> the school says it will support students who have been hurt by the account and that the sad reality is that even in progressive berkeley, racism exists. >> rob roth in the newsroom. rob, thank you. now to the south bay where a man although was hit by a vta train was rushed to the hospital this afternoon the accident happened just before 1:00 this afternoon at mckee
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road and north capitol avenue in san jose. fire crews got the man out from under the train. he was unconscious. no word on his condition. all 12 people on the train are okay. we have new information tonight about yesterday's deadly police standoff on interstate 80 in emeryville. the man killed has been identified by authorities as this man, 45-year-old demilo hodge. police say he opened fire at officers after a freeway chase. police then returned fire killing him. our crime reporter henry lee has been looking into his background and has more. >> reporter: julie, there were two sides to demilo hodge. he was an entrepreneur who ran a limo service. but he was also a homicide suspect with convictions for stalking and gun and cocaine possession. >> reporter: demilo hodge, he has been a truck driver, a family man, a limousine company owner, but police say he was also a homicide suspect
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wanted in connection with a 2015 homicide in fairfield. the victim, 68-year-old william freeman, was shot to death inside his home and just three weeks ago, fairfield police released these sketches of two suspects. on wednesday, fairfield police caught up with hodge in richmond. he led police on a chase onto 80. the chp put out spike strips that stopped him in emeryville. after more than 20 minutes of negotiations, police say hodge got out of his vehicle armed with a handgun and fired at officers. bystanders shot video of his last moments. some officers firing as others ducked for cover. [ gunfire ] >> he did fire at least one round in the officers' direction which caused the officers to fear for their safety and for the safety of other people on the road. and they returned fire in an effort to stop the threat. >> reporter: the chevy suburban hodge drove was registered to his limo company, executive excursion limousine service,
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specializing in napa valley wine tours and airport pickups. we spoke with a woman who said hodge was supposed to pick her up wednesday at the sacramento airport for a weekend in. she considered him a friend. >> i don't know what happened but to me, he is not the person that i would ever feel would act out like that. he didn't seem view. he didn't seem angered. he seemed so calm, peaceful and kind. >> reporter: he has weathered a number of challenges. he went bankrupt in 2004. he is going through a divorce. he spoke to us about being a parolee. >> i was paroled from lompoc federal prison in november 2007. possession of a firearm and narcotics to sell. >> reporter: now, fairfield police have not given a motive for the 2015 killing or say why they suspected hodge. now emeryville police are taking the lead in investigating his death at the hands of police.
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live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the trump administration is pushing ahead with its major tax reform plan. the proposal would double the standard deduction and reduce the number of tax brackets. a lot of details though still haven't been worked out but it could eliminate some popular tax breaks including deductions for state and local taxes and medical expenses. on fox news today the president said the cuts will create economic growth. >> this is a tax plan for jobs and growth. growth for our country. it will be the largest reduction in terms of dollars of any plan ever in the history of the country. and it's going to be something very special. but it's really for the middle income people and it's for the working people and it's for jobs. >> critics say the plan would also give a big tax cut to the wealthiest americans by repealing the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. the white house said it's not giving up on repealing obamacare even though the latest repeal bill didn't have enough support to even call
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for a vote in the senate. fox reporter joel waldman is in washington, dc tonight for us where there was at least one sign of some bipartisanship today. >> reporter: good evening. it does not take a congressional scholar to understand that there have been deep divisions among lawmakers here on capitol hill. but today a very unifying touching moment as majority whip steve scalise made his way back to the house floor after being shot. >> as we're fighting through the issues of the day, let's just keep in mind that we rise above the challenges of the day. >> reporter: meanwhile, over at the white house, the top priority now the president's newly announced tax reform plan. the white house saying they hope to get the plan passed as quickly as possible. >> we have designed a plan where you're going to pay a lower rate but air going to pay it on -- that's a basic core premise of the plan. you have to look at this plan in its entirety. the one thing i would beg you all to do is don't look at any
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one piece. >> reporter: but democrats saying there's been a lack of details and they believe it will only benefit the wealthy. >> don't call it reform because it's not reform. it's just more of the same trickle down economics. >> reporter: president trump hoping to make tax reform a hallmark of his administration despite recent setbacks on their healthcare agenda this week. the president and vice president still calling for a repeal and replace of obamacare even if it takes until next year. >> before this session of congress ends, in 2018, we will repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: all this as democrats vow to continue fighting the republicans' healthcare legislation. >> like a zombie. it keeps rising up and we have to keep putting a stake in its heart. >> reporter: the vice president also coming out and saying that the white house and congress should be able to come together over this tax proposal and he says they
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should able to get something done by christmas. >> let's hope so. joel waldman in the nation's capital tonight. joel, thank you. new at 6:00 tonight, president trump's tax reform plan could result in a tax increase for californians. the gop plan would double the standard deduction but some itemized deductions would be gone. details still need to be worked out but that would probably mean people will not be able to deduct state and local taxes from their federal taxes as they can now. >> one of the key provisions is to deduct your state income tax from your federal tax. that's war against states like california, new york, new jersey, which voted overwhelmingly against donald trump. >> californians are also about to get hit with a higher gasoline tax and new real estate transactions fees to pay for affordable housing in california. twitter announced today that it shut down more than 200 accounts tied to the same group of russians who posted political ads on facebook. the company also said it found
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three accounts linked to the kremlin that spent close to $275,000 on ads for twitter in 2016. the information was revealed today to closed-door meeting between twitter and house and senate intelligence committees staffers. one senator said afterwards that twitter showed an enormous lack of understanding about how serious the issue is and the threat that it poses to democratic institutions. health and human services secretary tom price said today he will write a check to reimburse taxpayers for the costly charter flights that he has taken in recent months. price has come under criticism from members of both parties for using private jets at taxpayer expense. the cost of those flights is reportedly more than $400,000. in a statement, price expressed regret saying he wasn't sensitive enough to the concerns those travels would create about the use of taxpayer dollars. coming up here a deadly fire at a mobile home park in san leandro kills a couple well known to their community.
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up next how neighbors are remembering them. >> also ahead a dramatic chase in the east bay. a man leads officers on a chase and tries to escape by carjacking another driver. >> we are coming up on your weekend. it's just around the corner. i'll set you up with the forecast for friday obviously tomorrow but beyond into the bay area weekend and into next week.
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police in richmond arrested a woman who hit a 3-
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year-old boy. the car was being worked on in richmond. the 19-year-old apparently took the car out for a spin yesterday without the owner knowing and that's when she hit the boy. authorities tracked her down after el cerrito police pulled over the car involved today and learned that the smart car's owner had nothing to do with the hit-and-run. >> from what we understand, she is a receptionist for the auto shop and somehow she was able to obtain the keys and drove the customer's car. and the customer being the gentleman that we had stopped and brought here to the police department this morning. >> police say the woman arrested has not been cooperative. authorities are not releasing the name of the little boy who was hit. but they say he is still in stable but critical condition. new details tonight about a carjacking in hayward that was caught on camera by
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skyfox. the driver who was carjacked says he was out running an errand in a company car weather a man suddenly jumped into his vehicle. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us now live at hayward police headquarters to tell us how this all unfolded. cristina. >> reporter: well, julie, this suspect was driving a stolen car throughout contra costa county before he ended up here in hayward. and our chopper skyfox was overhead when that suspect carjacked a driver that was just stopped at a traffic light. >> i'm freaked out! >> reporter: to understand why this man is shaken up, take a look at this video captured by skyfox. police say' red suv ek quinn knocks stolen out of alameda was spotted driving the wrong way on "a" street in hayward before going southbound on 880 and exiting on jackson. you bumped a white bmw convertible with the top down. then the suspect gets out of
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the suv and climbs into the convertible that 26-year-old nathan was driving. >> he was coming at me aggressive like fighting me physically. >> reporter: what did he tell you? >> just keep going. he was wanting me to run for him and i was freaking out. i didn't know what to do. >> it appears as if that person was sitting in traffic driving his vehicle when the subject from the equinox jumped in and began demanding for him to drive a certain direction. >> reporter: the carjacking victim nathan says he was running an errand in the company car and on his way back to the dealership, he says the suspect was yelling, screaming and upset when he pulled over for police but he never saw a weapon. >> there's nothing i can do. i can't help him. >> reporter: police draw their guns, both men get out of the car, nathan says police were aggressive but only the suspect walked away in handcuffs. >> it was only after the vehicle was pulled over and both subjects were taken out
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of the vehicle that we understood at that time that okay this is a victim of a carjacking not a friend of the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect reportedly led a chp chopper on a chase in the red suv through lafayette, danville, san ramon and dublin before ending up in hayward and inside nathan's car. how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: police are investigating. they are going through the charges this man may face. we don't know the suspect's name or where he is from. we expect that information tomorrow. >> nathan has a story to tell after all that. cristina, thank you. two people were killed in an early-morning fire at a mobile home in san leandro. cell phone video shows flames pouring from the scene when the fire started about 5:30 a.m. after crews knocked down the fire, they did a search and unfortunately that's when they found a man and woman dead inside the back of the home. neighbors spoke fondly of the
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elderly couple who lived there. >> she would always be smiling. just a nice lady. >> alameda county fire investigators spent the morning collecting evidence in and around the mobile home on santa susana street in the mission bay mobile home community. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started and whether the man and woman inside had any warning before their house broke out in flames. late word today of another huge rockslide at yosemite national park. it comes a day after a man was killed and his claiming partner injured. today's slide was three times the size of yesterday's. you can see the human plumes of dust coming up after today's rock fall. so far there is no word of any injuries. but it did prompt authorities to close an exit route from the park. today we learned the victims of yesterday's slide was a couple from england. they were getting ready to climb el capitan when a 130- foot sheet of granite crashed.
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that slide was among 7 yesterday over a four-hour span. what makes that so dangerous is the way granite works is it doesn't just like -- it doesn't -- a rock doesn't just fall off but a slab of rock like -- a few years ago if you remember, 10 or 15 years ago, there was a similar event. they used to call it camp curry but it's half dome village now. many, many, many metric tons of rock in one slab. it's not boulders coming down. the rocks kind of are like a glacier. granite is different. we'll have more on that story. it's a bigger slide than yesterday. 80s and 90s today, a little cooler than yesterday some places make a little bit warmer
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warmer. cooler tomorrow. 90s go away tomorrow. and then in through the weekend, too, and into early next week. um, there's a weak system offshore and it's stretching out the marine layer. so you're not going to see a "spare the air" day or red flag warning which is good. so we'll be kind of in a nice little pattern that doesn't favor fire conditions or poor air quality. i was thinking about the rockslide. just -- if you google that, the camp curry half dome village or it was camp curry but the winds that come off when that rock hits, the rock hits, and then it blows out. it concusses out. the winds gusted up to 250 miles an hour over -- now what i'm talking about -- knocking over 100-foot pine trees. so it's an amazing event when
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that happens. so it's a big deal. hopefully not too many people were hurt. there's the forecast for tomorrow. we come back, we'll talk about what's happening for the weekend. julia louis-dreyfus delivers some heartbreaking news today. what she is saying about her breast cancer diagnosis and how she is using her platform to fight for affordable healthcare for all. >> also ahead the raiders heading to denver after a demoralizing loss. mark will have a preview of the first big division matchup with the broncos. >> and remembering the founder of "playboy" magazine. fans leaving flowers at a growing memorial for hugh hefner in hollywood.
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the latest cover of "sports illustrated" focuses on recent protests against racial inequality. but it's being criticized for failing to include colin kaepernick. this week's issue focused on a divided nation and how the sports world is coming together. the cover montage includes images of warriors guard steph curry, warriors coach steve kerr and a's catcher bruce maxwell. but critics say colin kaepernick should also be on the cover. steph curry first made his displeasure known in an instagram post saying booing. he thought the cover was terrible and that "sports illustrated" failed to highlight the real message behind the protests. >> the real people that understand exactly what's been
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going on and who's really been active and vocal and truly making a difference, um, you don't have kaepernick front and center on that, then something's wrong. >> when asked if the team had any demonstrations planned during the national anthem during their first preseason game this saturday, curry said the warriors hadn't discussed it but he realized that all eyes will be on them and he reiterated the team statement that everybody can do whatever they want to do. actress julia louis- dreyfus revealed on twitter today she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. the star of veep and seinfeld wrote, one in eight women get breast cancer. today i'm the one. the 56-year-old says she has a supportive and caring family and friends, plus fantastic insurance from her union but she says not all women are so lucky going on to encourage her fans to fight all cancers and make universal healthcare
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a reality. earlier this month, louis- dreyfus won her sixth emmy for veep. people are leaving flowers at hugh hefner's star on the hollywood walk of fame. he died yesterday of natural causes at the age of 91 at the playboy mansion in los angeles. he founded the magazine in 1953 and turned it into an empire. the magazine played a role in the sexual revolution of the '60s and '70s but critics called him a male chauvinist and made a fortune objectifying women. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30, a stabbing at a high school sends a student to the hospital. we'll have the latest. >> google the international online giant is finding out when it comes to housing in their own hometown, you can't always get what you want.
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now to our top stories. students at berkeley high school were stunned to learn of a racist instagram account started by one student called "i hate jews." students say posts on the account were anti-semitic, racist, homophobic, and derogatory towards those with disabilities. the account has since been shut down. the superintendent sent a message to parents saying that he was appalled. a carjacking suspect is in custody tonight after a police
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chase that went from lafayette to hayward around noon. skyfox caught the carjacking as the suspect in the red suv bumped a white bmw and told the driver inside to go. the bmw driver was not hurt and pulled over for police when it appears that the carjacker right next to him did not have a weapon. there are no details yet on the suspect's name or charges. authorities have identified the man shot to death in a police standoff yesterday on interstate 80 in emeryville. police say 45-year-old demilo hodge opened fire at officers after a chase. officers returned fire killing him. investigators say hodge was wanted in connection with a killing in fairfield in 2015. in 2009 he spoke to ktvu about being a parolee after spending time in prison on a narcotics and gun conviction. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a high school freshman is recovering in the south bay tonight after he was stabbed
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at school. ktvu's jesse geary says the attack triggered a full lockdown at overfelt high school in east san jose. >> i came to get my daughter. >> reporter: today at overfelt high school an earlier than normal exit for dozens of students, this after on-campus violence spooked some students and parents and for a time forced a "shelter in place." >> i was, like, scared. confused. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: police say around 9 a.m. two juveniles stabbed a ninth grader behind the gym at overfelt. police don't know what prompted the stabbing but at least one of the suspects entered from off campus. the other is an overfelt tenth grader. >> our students when they come to and from school, they have to go through some tough neighborhoods and so sometimes what carries on in the neighborhood hits the campus. >> reporter: investigators say there was an altercation between the suspects and the victim at which point they stabbed him at least once. teachers and staffers held the two suspects until san jose police arrived to make the
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arrest. >> the suspects were transported to the police department. um, the school and the community are currently safe. there's no outstanding suspects. >> reporter: the school of 1500 students was placed in a security "shelter in place" students shaken by processed violence called parents for an early pickup. >> they put us on code red which is a lockdown and barricaded the door. then they put us on code blue. nobody could leave the room. >> when you hear about this what does that make you think as a parent that there was a stabbing? >> to make her safe, that's all what i think. so yeah, come to pick her up. >> reporter: police and the district superintendent credit swift action by school staffers and teachers in keeping all students safe and helping to capture the two suspects. the identities of all involved the two suspects and the victim all being withheld because they are all juveniles. in the san jose studio, i'm
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jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a daly city teenager who was reported missing today has been found. authorities had expressed concern that 17-year-old was in possession of a gun. daly city police said on facebook this afternoon that she was found safe in vallejo and that in the end no weapon was involved in the case. the warriors have yeeed to could the cost for the summer's nba championship parade. they agreed to pay for the parade $787,000 more than double the estimate giving to the team by the city on top of the nearly $6 million the warriors already spent. the warriors said they are disappointed with the process. the city released a statement saying it is grateful for the payment which offsets all taxpayer costs it took to provide police, fire and puck works personnel to staff such a massive public event. another big data breach is
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putting millions at risk of identity theft this time hackers taking information on about five mill credit and debit cards from the sonic drive through fast food chain. the stolen accounts have reportedly been put up for sale on a credit card theft website. sonic has 3600 locations in 45 states. the restaurants chain says they learned about the breach last week from their credit card processor. >> if you shopped at sonic in the last, say, six months to a year, there's a very good chance that your credit card information was hacked and taken. >> if you think you have been hacked you may want to get a new card or put a freeze on your credit. this breach comes just a week after a massive security breach at equifax. google wants to increase the amount of office space at a proposed development in mountain view and says if it doesn't get it, it may withdraw support for a desperately needed housing project. ktvu's tom vacar spent the day there looking at what google
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wants versus what mountain view is willing to give. >> reporter: some of google's vast mountain view property has been set aside for the development of up to 9850 badly needed housing units. units to be built in an originally business industrial area to bring housing close to workplaces. 20% of those units would be priced as affordable. city council which is deeply concerned over jobs and housing imbalance that drives housing costs up, preliminarily approved the plan but google pulled a last- minute surprise. >> they came to us in the 11th hour literally with a surprise to us. and so to say, you know, we can do this but then we need more office space than what you have allotted. >> google has been telling us for a long time they would like more offices than we have authorized. >> reporter: google wanted and additional 800,000 square feet of office space an amount that would significantly change the
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north shore charleston east project. it's trying to fix the existing housing imbalance not add to it. the international online giant is finding its own hometown that when it comes to development and housing, you can't always get what you want. >> the problem is, when we told google that we were reluctant to build more offices among -- above the ones that are already authorized, they said no new extra offices, no housing. >> reporter: but the vice mayor and google both confirm it was not and our way or the highway take it or leave it threat. what google is saying, in order to create an economic cloudy vibrant and balanced community, we believe the plan has to include office, retail and community spaces alongside parks and residential units. so a new funding source has to be found. >> in the scheme of things, it's a fairly narrow question. i don't believe there's any difference of opinion on the overall vision for north bayshore between the two
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parties. >> reporter: the development area which includes a lot of google buildings is already under a strict traffic limit cap regardless of what google wants to build. >> unless the city council says otherwise, google needs to comply with that trip cap. >> i think we can definitely work it out. but it takes a level of trust and being forthright and up front with what your real needs are. >> reporter: a final decision is still more than two weeks off. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[ music ] still to come, a probation employee accused of having sex with two jailed teenagers. now she is behind bars facing more than a dozen charges.
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a forker santa clara county probation employee is in behind bars accused of having sex with two teens while incarcerated. maureen naylor reports. >> reporter: this is the former santa clara county probations employee now locked up. the county says 36-year-old tricia caparra was arrested for sexual misconduct accused of having sex with a 17-year- old boy and an 18-year-old while they were incarcerated. a source tells ktvu the alleged crimes happened here at the william james ranch in morgan hill, a boys juvenile detention facility and at an off site juvenile work location. in a statement, the chief probation officer said:
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>> reporter: the probations counselor was arrested here at her home in socal thursday morning. halloween decorations are already up and a cross hangs in her car parked out front. neighbors say the mother was with a young son kept to herself. caparra who worked for the county for eight years faces 15 felony counties of sexual assault, and a felony charge for unlawful access to privileged information, after the county says she accessed information related to one of the teen boys. in a statement, the santa clara county sheriff's department says: >> reporter: tonight, tricia caparra is being held on $655,000 bail at the elmwood correctional facility for women. she is set to make her first court appearance friday
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afternoon. county executive jeff smith declined our request for an interview about tricia caparra but said she was removed from any contact with youth once the allegation was made last year and eliseed a statement that said, quote -- he release a statement that said, quote, the county has zero tolerance for these deplorable act against clients in our care. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. up next tonight, the latest hang-up in deliver aid to people in puerto rico in desperate need of help and how the red cross is trying to help with the flow of information. >> fog at the coast has an impact on daytime highs and the rest of the weekend. ♪[ music ]
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there are influence challenges tonight in getting much-needed -- there are new challenges tonight in getting much-needed aid to hurricane battered puerto rico. thousands of containers are at the port because there are not enough trucks to distribute the goods. ktvu's alyana gomez reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: good evening, frank and julie. there seems to be no end in sight and for the people who are sick, struggling to get food or water the situation is dire. half of the island is without safe drinking water. food is rationed. getting the basic necessities is more difficult than they thought. >> right now, there are nearly 10,000 shipping containers sitting at san juan's port filled with food, medical supplies and construction materials. the problem is distribution. there aren't enough truck
6:45 pm
drivers to get those containers shipped out. so far, only 20% of puerto rico's truck drivers have reported back to work. some have lowest homes and trucks, others are unreachable. the red cross is facing those same distribution problems. impassable roads are part of it but fuel remains a problem and their volunteers are waiting in long lines like the rest of the residents. we are also learning some people were worried about how the red cross distributes those donations. they say 91 cents of every dollar donated is spent on humanitarian services like water, meals ready to eat, first aid, transportation costs and other things like reconnection services. the other 9 cents goes to administration costs. we are also told 50 radio operators are heading to shelters in puerto rico to finally give relief to the many families wondering if their loved ones are alive. >> the main purpose is really as we go out into these communities, to take down names of people we have contacted, go down to the shelters with us, gather that information and then relay
6:46 pm
that information to people that are safe in shelters or in communities to teams in miami that will put that in our safe and well database which is a website that people in the u.s. can search to see if their loved ones in puerto rico are safe and well. >> we have received new images of the red cross's nearly 500 volunteers supporting relief efforts in puerto rico. they have already sent 5,000 comfort kits, blankets and clean-up kits and will send lots more. it will take years for puerto rico to recover. cash donations are greatly needed. visit for more information. >> alyana gomez in our newsroom tonight. thank you. let's check our weather and go over to chief meterologist bill martin. he is in the weather center. just another nice day outside.
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when you see fog you know the fire danger drops off. the fog is expanding. when the marine layer expands, it gets over the coastal hills as it is now. so it's starting to cool in earnest around the bay. if you look in the middle of the pictures, you can see -- yeah. see the north tower right there. frank, you want to do weather? [ laughter ] >> there it goes. it's gone. today 80s and 90s. [ laughter ] >> 93 in napa. we are nutty about that shot. that's that sutro camera shot and it's a big pull. it's a long way. think about sutro tower and how far that camera is. that's a good camera with a good zoom on it to be able to pick that up with such clarity. um, so tomorrow will be cooler because of the fog with the
6:48 pm
thick marine layer and because of that system right there. the system has some sprinkles showing up just north of portland and we won't get anything out of this. it's just cooler. so it comes in and does what we talked about. the last three or four days the winds having going this way from here to here. now the winds are going this way from here to here. and that is just, you know, the ocean is cooler. forget the fog. the sea breeze will cool us off, clean out the atmosphere and help out greatly with fire danger. the wind vectors, you see the fog. tomorrow i think there will be fog into berkeley oakland, i think there will be fog probably up into lafayette. maybe as far as walnut creek. richmond will have fog. van fell will have fog. 80s in the area now.
6:49 pm
san rafael will have fog. the top of that tower is about 720 feet so that marine layer is coming up. it's come up about 300 feet in the last couple of hours. it goes -- by tonight, the marine layer will be 1300 feet. you won't see the towers. it will be under the inversion. there's the forecast for san francisco tomorrow morning. a little break of cloud cover in the afternoon but stcloudy. young take the sky and even the temperatures and roll that into saturday and sunday. so we have a nice forecast for you. frank, i'm just messing with you. you're enthusiastic like my kids. >> there's something about that picture. it's just beautiful. >> we talk about it. i'm sure viewers like it. but i think to me that just
6:50 pm
makes me so happy to live in a place like this that you can see all the open space and it's just beautiful. and when you look at that fog and that onshore flow, know that -- when the wind comes onshore, it's been bathed by 4,000 miles of pacific ocean. we breathe some of the best air so when you see that onshore flow you're getting extremely clear air. if you are in chicago or atlanta you don't get air like that. that's coming from cities. ours is coming from the ocean. thank you. coming up the 49ers hoping to get their first win of the season. >> they play the cardinals this sunday. mark will have sports coming up next.
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mark is here with sports. boy, this is a good game. this is going to be a crucial game for the raiders to bounce back this weekend after their loss to washington. >> i would imagine it's a pretty intense film section or two during this past week lots of things to shore up. it was shocking the way the raiders -- you're going to lose some games, yeah, but the way it happened was really surprising. they went back national television and just honestly
6:54 pm
didn't look prepared to play. derek carr sacked a couple of times, interceptions and the drop passes didn't help either and amari cooper started to become a little bit of an issue. he had six drops, he had only three all of last year. that's an average of two a game of course. and got to get him on track anyway. interesting to know what he is doing himself to remedy this situation. he has the highest drop rate in the nfl right now. >> some things that we need to clean up. that's what we're here for. i try to move forward, um, obviously i like to look back on 'em see how i drop the ball and then try to fix it. most the balls that i have dropped have been result of a trying to run before i actually catch the ball. i think it's a little frustrating but just to go and fix it. >> he will get his chance up in denver where he has a couple of pritpy good games in past seasons. meanwhile the 49ers just got to get a victory. they don't care how it comes. 0-3 and if you think about it, a little improvement last week
6:55 pm
against the rams on that thursday night game. refresh they had not scored even a touchdown in the first two losses. they had five versus the rams. they would like to continue that momentum against a very aggressive arizona defense. refreshes the cardinals got pushed around a little bit, though, by the dallas cowboys this past monday night. one of their all pros pat peterson defensive back talks about what they plan to do against the 49ers. >> we have to be able to have that mindset of giving up the bare minimum, not saying that we don't have that mindset. just have to do a better job of defending everybody on the same page at all times. we understanding what's gonna come at us, what offense is going to do to us, make sure our eyes are in the right place because like i said teams know we are very aggressive and they gonna try to do things to get us out of that, um, aggressiveness style. >> all right. meanwhile, turning to baseball. now this is a little bit of history that neither the a's or giants wants to hear about. it could be the first time ever since they moved to the
6:56 pm
bay area that both the giants and the a's finish in last place in the same season. the giants are off today and the a's are certainly not playing like a last place team. down in texas tonight, the kid is an a's fan. they are fans of the young oakland team that sports some talent like matt chapman, his 14th homer of the year, dead center field right there. in the 5th inning, the a's leading 1-0. and adding to it, clutch hit here, two on, two out in the sixth, ryan healy delivers base hit. center field. couple of runs score. no problem. healy is a goner at second. the a's do lead the ballgame to the tune of 3-1. meanwhile, we always kind of kid about thursday night football. the matchup is not so hot. in years gone by, bears- packers would be pretty good but the chicago bears right now not exactly tearing it up.
6:57 pm
as evidenced as we check this out, on the first play, of the game, one of the first plays of the game. they are into the too good. not too good. mike glennon as quarterback, not paying attention but it hits him in the knee out of the shotgun formation. that's an easy pickup. 14-0 packers. somebody catch the ball! all right. you guys don't want it. i'll come get it. pretty good catch right there. now, i have some high school football. now how they love it down in texas. clear springs, texas, isaiah bib, look at this catch right here. and he hangs on to the ball. you can see that just a little bit better in slow motion. and there it is. he hangs on. touchdown. great. >> there you go. >> see you later. good night.
6:58 pm
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should you really be sitting in sheldon's spot? (groans) he's in texas. he'll never know. i wouldn't be so sure about that. yeah, he has a very sensitive butt. well, it's true. once i saw him sit on a bunch of loose change and add it up. have you heard from howard? i did. his talk at nasa went great. sheldon didn't heckle him? no. in fact, he was so well-behaved, howie bought him a buzz aldrin bobble head and astronaut ice cream. (knocking) hey, guys. oh, hi. hi, stuart. hey, stuart! how's it going? good. sheldon's out of town, so we can do whatever we want. we even ordered from the thai place he doesn't like. oh, how is it? disgusting. do not tell him. what do you guys want to do tonight? i don't know. well, i told howie if i wasn't busy, i'd spend the night at his mom's. so for god's sake, think of something. (stuart coughing) stuart? are you okay? no, i don't feel so... oh, stuart? stuart?


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